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What is SAP C4C?

SAP Cloud for Customer (SAP C4C) is one step advance than SAP CRM module and offers robust solutions for Sales, Service, and Social Engagement.

SAP C4C is Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for sales and service. The SAP Cloud for Sales and SAP Cloud for Service, which are advertised as separate substances by SAP. The SAP C4C keeps running on the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP).

SAP C4C is software from SAP, designed from the grounds up to help customers increase sales effectiveness (SAP Cloud for Sales), respond better to customer requests (SAP Cloud for Services) and engage with them using social media channels (SAP Cloud for Social Engagement)

SAP C4C is a full featured Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution to help customers now and allowing for growth in the future.

SAP C4C Architecture

SAP C4C Architecture

SAP C4C provides prepacked integration for SAP ECC, CRM and Outlook. It consists of HTML5 UI, Silverlight UI, and mobile applications for IOS, Android platform and HANA for HANA Cloud Integration (HCI).

SAPC4C Architecture where solution and components is shared between multiple customers. There is an option to go for single tenant by paying additional cost. In a multiple tenant environment, all the updates and releases are built on SAP C4C custom solutions for multiple clients.

SAP C4C solution can be easily integrated with SAP ERP and CRM on premise solution. There are two ways of integration −

·    SAP Process Integration PI/PO − This integration is recommended when you are already using process integration for on premise systems.

·         SAP HANA Cloud Integration HCI − This integration is recommended when you have to perform cloud-to-cloud integration.

The SAPC4C Integration to CRM on-premise could be on the basis of −

·         Level of customization required
·         Whether the functionality is required to be on the cloud
·         The master data governance rules within the company
·         Sales organization structure etc.

SAP Cloud for Customers Features

SAP C4C Features

Mobility: Offline capabilities and true NATIVE applications.

Customer 360: SAP C4C provides truly deep customer 360 insight with integrations.

Integrations ready: SAP C4C supports full native integration with outlook email & calendar. Integrations with SAP ERP & SAP on premise CRM.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership: Zero cost full mobile applications and prepackaged integration content are at the heart of this customer value.

HANA Cloud Platform: Runs on In-memory HANA database giving superb analytics.

Embedded Analytics: Has numerous pre-built, HANA based predictive dashboards.

Innovation: SAP C4C incorporates all the modern technologies and insights and development perspective with quarterly releases.

SAP C4C Online Training at SAPVITS

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